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NASA’s brand is about more than just space launches

The U.S. space administration puts considerable effort into enhancing its brand.

Arguably, the story of the primary logo used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (known to most of us simply as “NASA”) is almost as interesting as the storied history of the organization’s successful (and catastrophic failed) space launches. And like many of the U.S. space program’s ventures since the 1950’s, that story involves its very own controversies.

Recently, NASA’s logo and branding were in the news once again when an enterprising group of brand enthusiasts obtained permission to launch a Kickstarter campaign to reprint the NASA Graphics Standards Manual, a 90-page document filled with illustrations and writings that outlined how NASA should implement its notorious “worm” logo as well as its entire graphic display system.

In fact, The New York Times just ran a feature article entitled “How NASA Learned to Love the Worm Logo” and which makes for an interesting read:


For “The Complete History of the NASA Logo,” check out Rachel Johnson’s article on Hatchwise:


Brand managers often cite the NASA brand guidelines as an exemplary approach to brand creation and enhancement:


And if you’re really interested in how NASA brands itself and reinforces its brand through the issuance of a comprehensive style guide, check out the real thing:


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