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Trademark Filings Reveal Automaker Plans

Jaguar Applies to Register Trademark For Electric Sports Cars

As reported by and and Autocar, Jaguar seems to be getting serious about its electric vehicle ambitions. The British company will soon launch the new XJ sedan powered by purely electric power and a new trademark filing indicates even more electrified surprises could be coming in the near future.

The trademark application registers the EV-Type moniker and the trademark is still pending according to the WIPO global brand database. First applied in mid-February this year, the name is not necessarily going to be used for a production model but our source claims Jaguar is actively considering an electric sports car.

The EV-Type is inspired by the Jaguar E-Type and its modern successor, the F-Type. Jaguar’s former chief designer, Ian Callum, said last year he had designed initial sketches of a future sports car from the brand with a mid-engine layout.

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