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Did you miss an issue of IP Update? You're in luck. Here's a copy of the January 2021 edition.

So, the first week of January really happened, didn’t it?

And, if you were paying attention to the unrelenting media coverage from our nation’s capital, you probably noticed several of your fellow citizens sporting stylish t-shirts, baseball caps, and even morale patches (those Velcro® backed symbols originally used by the military) with a stylized skull on them as they helped themselves to unguided tours of the Capital Building. In this month’s IP Update, we explain where those skulls came from and how people are reacting to them.

Or, if you looked elsewhere for your entertainment, you may have turned to the Dr. Seuss/Star Trek mashup book entitled Oh the Places You’ll Boldly Go! It looked a lot like something Ted Geisel, the real Dr. Seuss, might have written and drawn if he had wanted to make an homage to the popular television series of the 1960’s, didn’t it? The only problem was that ComicMix (the publisher) didn’t have permission from the Geisel Estate (the good doctor is deceased) to publish such a thing. Read on to find out what the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals did when it eventually got the case.

Of course, 2020 was such an absolute train wreck that everyone had convinced themselves that 2021 couldn’t help but be better, especially with another gargantuan, expensive relief package having been delivered by Congress and the President. But, lo and behold, the package delivered a lot more than just COVID relief, it also produced a brand new copyright law. Who saw that one coming?

IP Update - January 2021 Edition
Download PDF • 4.71MB

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