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San Diego Comic-Con without Marvel is like a day without sunshine ... and Thor ... and Iron Man ...

With the much-anticipated return of an in-person version of San Diego Comic-Con, it was disappointing to learn that Marvel Studios likely will not return to the storied halls of the San Diego Convention Center. Again.

When Disney bought Marvel several years there were assurances all around that the acquisition wouldn’t affect Marvel’s commitment to its fans and that it would almost certainly maintain its presence at places like comic book conventions. Why wouldn’t it? The most ardent fans attend comic book conventions, San Diego is home to the biggest and best known of the cons, and by attending Marvel would be doing itself a big, big favor.

But apparently, that is wrong headed thinking to Marvel and parent Disney. Marvel was a “no show“ at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 and avoided the @Home version presented during the pandemic with little or no explanation.

Now that the pandemic is already over and in-person comic conventions are back, it’s surprising that Marvel his planning to abandon its fans yet again and to do so just a few weeks before the big event.

Find out more about what (most likely happened) in CBR’s coverage of the leaked news here:

Luckily, for those of us who will be in San Diego next month for the comic book and popular media extravaganza, there will be plenty of other big names in attendance. Yes, DC, and, of course, Dark Horse, not to mention Image, I am looking squarely at you.

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