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NEWS FLASH! Alan Moore hates comics!

BTW, he also hates the movies and television series that have been made based on his comic books. But there’s no definitive word on whether or not he hates all the money he’s made off of them.

Alan Moore is an icon of the comic book industry. He wrote one of the best known, most widely read comics in the history of comics and he is credited with starting a dialogue about the meaning and importance of superheroes that will continue far into the future. Alan Moore wrote, “The Watchmen.”

Ironically, Moore is almost as well known for being a cranky old hermit who shunned the very industry that brought him fame and fortune as he is for Watchmen. Given this fact, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Moore recently gave a lengthy interview in which he called out fans of the superhero comic book and film genre while labeling them the dangerous loonies of the world.

If you’re interested in what an iconic comic book writer who hates comic books has to say about hating comic books without conceding his hypocrisy, then check out his recent interview with The Guardian at

Why It Matters. Ultimately, what Alan Moore thinks about comic books and superheroes probably means very little to the world at large. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to read about a creative type who hates being successful as a creative type. Must be the whole ‘starving artist’ and ‘never famous in my own lifetime’ thing.

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