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Moose Tracks: Too Many to Count

Why are there so many moose tracks ice creams available?

If vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and fudge is your sweet spot, you’ve probably indulged in a carton of Moose Tracks at some point. You might have also wondered what’s the deal with the other Moose Tracks brands on the freezer shelves. Truth be told, there are more than 100 brands that sell Moose Tracks ice cream.

That’s because Denali Flavors, owner of the Original Moose Tracks flavor, licenses its recipe instead of making its own ice cream. “They’re essentially renting out their brand and their flavor recipes,” Bill Cross, senior vice president of business development at Broad Street Licensing Group, told Marketplace’s Janet Nguyen.

Licensees benefit from the name recognition. But they must follow “strict guidelines,” said Jon Vander Woude, vice president of marketing at Denali Ingredients. That includes specific peanut butter cups and a “very secret recipe” for fudge.

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