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A Yuletide Note from The Editor

Just in time for Christmas and based on a stated concern that its Chinese owners are misusing the data it allows them to access (and, presumably, handing it over to the Chinese Communist government), U.S. lawmakers have announced bipartisan legislation that would ban TikTok in the United States.

Whether or not such an unlikely scenario will come to pass remains to be seen, but regular readers of IP Update, the award-winning IP newsletter from the Law Office of David Christopher Baker, need not worry. There will be no ban on the popular monthly report of all things fun, interesting, and useful involving intellectual property.

However, there is some startling news to report.

Beginning with this issue, we will be moving to a bi-monthly format. This will allow those of us who contribute to the e-newsletter to focus on several other publishing projects that are expected to be completed in 2023. It’s probably too soon to announce them all, but we can say that readers should be able to enjoy a book length compilation of legal insight into the importance of intellectual property in the modern economy accompanied by essential practical advice for enhancing and protecting those valuable assets.

So, too, there is likely to be a new online video series for those interested in better understanding how intellectual property affects them and their businesses.

And we certainly should not mention the other upcoming publication for creative types, especially those in the comic book industry, who should be able to pick it up just in time for Christmas 2024.

As always, we hope you enjoy our unique, slightly twisted on all things IP.

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