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Will there be a WonderCon 2020? Probably not.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Much as it saddens me to admit, circumstances and the calendar seem to be adding up to the unfortunate certainty that this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim will not take place at all. WonderCon was originally scheduled for three days beginning April 10 and comic book fans were all set to enjoy the best convention in southern California (aside from its big brother, San Diego Comic-Con, of course) until coronavirus and COVID-19 showed up.

But because the Governor mandated lockdown is likely to carry over at least through April, because empty weekends aren’t easy to come by at the Anaheim Convention Center, and because other conventions, including Long Beach Comic Con and Los Angeles Comic Con, are already spread across the fall calendars, there really isn’t room for a delayed WonderCon. When you also factor in the refunds WonderCon has already paid back to attendees and the ramp up period needed for exhibitors, artists and special guests, and those same attendees, it should be obvious that WonderCon cannot possibly happen.

After “postponing” WonderCon a couple of weeks ago and promising that San Diego Comic-Con is still on track for this July (for now). I know my fingers are crossed.

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