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At Weintraub | Tobin, we provide legal services related to most intellectual property matters, including those related to copyrights, trademarks, Web sites, the Internet, trade secrets, domain names, trade dress, unfair competition, employment relationships, and even patents (except for patent registrations).  Of course, we recognize the need for predictability as well as affordability when it comes to legal services and our experience with intellectual property, particularly trademarks and copyrights, allows us to offer a number of services at predetermined rates.



When you know what you are doing, California and Federal trademark registrations are relatively straightforward and because the administrative fees are set by the government, we can provide many services related to those registrations at a fixed rate.  Of course, some services, such as responses to office actions or foreign registrations, require more detailed analysis and thoughtful work, but we only move forward when our clients have been advised as to their options and they have made an informed decision about their project budget.


Not unlike trademarks, most copyright registrations with the U.S. Copyright Office can be handled on a structured fee basis because we at Hart | King are familiar with the often confusing administrative forms and the technical filing requirements necessary to protect our clients valuable copyright interests.


It is rare to find a successful business that does not have an online presence and while the courts and the law struggle to stay current with the latest technological advances and trends businesses do not have the luxury of playing catchup.  We help clients to better understand the interplay of technology and IP rights, especially when it comes to Web sites and use of the Internet, and we do so in a manner that is as cost-effective as possible.


Often the best first step a company can take but the last thing on the company’s intellectual property protection list is an IP audit.  Establishing the existence of IP assets and then crafting and implementing a protection and enforcement protocol is one of the most powerful tools available to a company and to its IP counsel.

In matters involving complex or special issues, it is our policy to identify those issues at the outset and to advise our clients on what to expect.  In those matters, our charges are based on the hourly rates of our professionals and when our competitive billing rates are combined with our prosecution efficiency, our total service cost per project is typically well below that of comparable firms.  In fact, our charges per project for the high-quality work we provide generally more than satisfy the cost concerns of our clients.

In addition, our hard-working, dedicated attorneys and staff also handle matters involving the following:

–  Corporate and partnership formation and legal compliance

–  Civil and commercial litigation

–  Land use and real property development

–  Asset purchase and sale transactions

–  Employment disputes, especially executive compensation and benefits

For additional information about other attorneys and the types of work we do, please visit the Weintraub | Tobin Web site located at www.weintraub.com.  We are always glad to speak with you about your particular situation and provide you guidance in selecting appropriate legal counsel for you own specific needs.



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